Playstation Playlist: Jesper Kyd: Spotify
Honored to be on award winning composer Jesper Kyd's Spotify playlist!! <3
Follow the link here: In A World

Elyxr/UHP co- write Lakeside:

Elyxr: Eternal Life, Eternal Youth: Lakeside
Elyxr's new album "Eternal Life, Eternal Youth" is now available for streaming and purchase on Spotify, Bandcamp and all the usual places! I have a couple of tunes on there. "Such Letting Go is Love" remix and a new co-write titled "Lakeside" which you can listen to here:

Interview with Jesper Kyd: CNN
A nice interview with Jesper Kyd on CNN ! You can hear my "Ezio's Family" vocals in there!

Molekular Sounds: Hurricane
Molekular Sounds presents Derek Ryan's trance song, "Hurricane" !!! Out now on Spotify! Check out the radio edit preview:

Universal Hall Pass: Lyra Release!
UHP's digital single Lyra is now available for preview and purchase on Bandcamp!
The song is now available on all other streaming platforms.

Universal Hall Pass: Lyra
UHP single release in late spring… stay tuned.

Everfish: "With Me"

Everfish: "With Me"
I had the good fortune to lend vocals to a song called "With Me" by brand new EDM artist Everfish! He has an EP coming out and "With Me" will release on the 20th of December. If you join his Spotify the song will automatically be sent to your account when its released. Here's the link: Everfish !

Derek Ryan's"After Dark":
RazNitzanMusic released Derek Ryan's trance tune"After Dark" which is available now on Beatport, iTunes and Spotify. You can preview the song here:

Tom Toomey - TURQUOISE pre: order and preview
This past year I had the honor to co-wrote a song and layer/arrange vocals for the amazing guitarist/songwriter/producer and guitarist for the legendary 60's group the Zombies ("Time of the Season", "She's Not There" etc), Tom Toomey. His album TURQUOISE is ready for pre-order! His amazing album is scheduled for release in January. Below is a clip of only one of the many styles he traverses. You can pre-order his album here: TurquoiseYou can also listen to a great interview with Tom talking about his new album here: (Thanks for the mad props Tom!)

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Dead Rising 4 Soundtrack
I had the good fortune to participate in a behind scenes video for the making of the Dead Rising 4 Soundtrack. Check it out!
2017 Music & Sound Awards/HMMA: DR4
Oleksa Lozowchuk's original song/score for the for Dead Rising 4 - Black Friday Cinematic Trailer/Coldest Time of Year, has won Best Original Composition - Gaming Trailers/Promos in the 2017 Music + Sound Awards, a global music award. Oleksa also recently won BEST SONG/SCORE – TRAILER (film/tv/games) for 'Coldest Time of Year', from the Dead Rising 4 Soundtrack, at the 2017 Hollywood Music and Media Awards.   All the winners signed a guitar for a charity give- away helping doctors who are serving abroad. Thankful to be the featured vocalist on this!

Hallmark: Enchanted Christmas
I had the good fortune to sing "Home this Holiday" and "Up on the Housetop" for the Hallmark Channel's "Enchanted Christmas" which airs tonight at 8pm/7 central. A big thank you to composer Oleksa Lozochuk for having me on this project! The film is scored by talented composer Jamie Christopherson.

Universal Hall Pass: Bandcamp
As above, so below: UHP is now on Bandcamp !

ELYXR - Such Letting Go Is Love - Remix
Kasson's new synthpop singles project ELYXR has released a remix of Such Letting Go Is Love . The original song was co-written and performed with UHP. The remix is now availble for preview and purchase on bandcamp.

Assassin's Creed
Its Assassin Creed's 10th Anniversary! Proud to be a part of it at its inception. I sang and was given freedom to layer my own vocal ambiences as well as sing and augment many of Jesper Kyd's beautiful melodies, from AC1, Brotherhood, AC2, and the score of Revelations. Check out this video of the history of Assassin's Creed!

Soundtrack Release: 9/11
The original motion picture soundtrack for 9/11 is now available for purchase on iTunes and CdBaby. All proceeds from sales will go to Tusday's Children a response and recovery organization for those impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss.

Film release: 9/11
I did some singing on the score for the film 9/11 coming to theatres on Sept. 8th. The film stars Charile Sheen, Whoopie Goldberg, Gina Gershon, Luis Guzman, Jaqueline Bisset with music composed by the talented Jeff Toyne. The film is dedicated to the fallen, first responders, and those who survived.

Soundtrack Release: A Year and Change
Independent film, A Year and Change directed by Stephen Suettinger has just released its film score composeed by the talented Jeff Toyne. I had the good fortune to co-write a tune with him called "Leaving the Scene" which is now available for purchase on iTunes ! Check out the whole soundtrack - its beautiful and atmospheric!

MSA Nomination
Congrats to Oleksa Lozowchuk on being nominated for the MSA awards for Dead Rising 4's "Black Friday Trailer"!

A Noble Circle : Undermined (Scratch Mix)
iPhone users, if you enjoy a minimalist game with amazing sound design and concept, Amirali Rajan has just released an upgraded version of his game, "A Noble Circle". We are honored to have been asked to have Undermined (Scratch Mix) (Jeff. Toyne & M. Kaplan) as the end credits song! Thank you Amir! You can download it at the App Store .

Symbion Project: HALCYON EP Released!
The HALCYON EP is a companion and follow up to the recently released LP Arcadian. The EP is being offered for free sharing or a "pay what you like" - and to encourage the purchase of Arcadian as much of its original source material resides there. UHP/Symbion's Napoleon has been remixed by the amazing Kodomo (Chris Cihld} - it really captures the spirit of it beautifully. You can hear it on this EP as well as Such Letting Go is Love , a remix of Bloodthirsty featuring Markus Junikala, an unreleased track featuring classical guitarist Geoffrey Klok and more. If you truly want to support this music - you can purchase both the album and EP either at bandcamp, spoitfy, or iTunes. Below is the Kodomo remix of Napoleon:

Dead Rising 4: Black Friday Christmas Trailer/DR4 Soundtrack :
This Christmas Microsoft/Capcom will be releasing Dead Rising 4 . I was invited to sing for the Black Friday trailer and a couple of tunes for the soundtrack: "Coldest Time of Year" (aka O Christmas Tree), "Jazz Me Blues" and "Jazz Vampire" . The DR4 Official Soundtrack releases on December 2nd, and can be preordered now at DR4 Soundtrack Pre-order .
If you use this code: dr42016 you can redeem 12 free tracks! DR4 the game, comes out on Xbox One and Win10 on December 6th, 2016 at this link: DR4   There will also be a ‘Making Of the DR4 Soundtrack’ video vignette released online in December. Thanks to the talented Oleksa Lozowchuk for making that happen! You can see the trailer here:

Assassins Creed : Best of Jeper Kyrd and Assassins Creed - from The Ezio Collection:
Amazing composer Ubisoft has released the album "
The Best of Jesper Kyd" featuring beautiful unreleased tracks from the "Assassin's Creed" series and can be purchased both digitally and on vinyl. This is the soundtrack from the recently released "The Ezio Collection" which features tracks from Assassin's Creed II. You can hear me singing on many of the tracks. The music is really beautiful! Below are some links for purchase and streaming!

Symbion Project: Such Letting Go Is Love :
Universal Hall Pass has co-written a song called "Such Letting Go Is Love" with Symbion Project in dedication to the memory of Kristen Stark. All proceeds of sales will go to the The Trevor Project, a non-profit charity whose mission is to end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people.
I never got to meet Kristen, but her father is a fan of Kasson's music and she was a listener of UHP, Freezepop and Splashdown. Her father's eulogy was the inspiriation for the lyrics. To quote Kasson, " We hope you'll listen and give to this amazing cause while celebrating Kristen's life." You can preview and purchase the song here:

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe :
"Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe" is now available to watch with subtitbles on Netflix! The film is actually a lot of fun to watch. I sing the ghostly love theme cues and the "tower shrine" cue. Another beautiful score from Jesper Kyd You can also hear "Napoleon" in the end credits!

Symbion Project: Venus

Symbion Project: Arcadian now Released!!
Symbion Project's new album Arcadian is now released and ready for purchase! You can preview all the songs below. UHP is proud to have co-written "Napoleon" and "Venus" as well as lending some background vocals to "You Remain". The whole album is amazing and highly recommended!

Symbion Project: Arcadian preview:
UHP is proud to be a part of Symbion Project's forthcoming release "Arcadian" coming 9/9/16 ! I co-wrote a couple songs on this with Kasson - "Napoleon" and "Venus" as well as lending some backgrounds on "You Remain". Lots of great artists on this! You can preview the songs here:

Symbion Project: Mini Tour
Symbion Project has launched a mini tour of the East Coast. Below are dates and cities and for more details check out Symbion Projects page. Kasson puts on a great show I hope you'll go out to see it!

Beatport: Ripples
Derek Ryan's "Ripples" is now available for exclusive purchase on Beatport
You can also preview the track here:

Orhcestral Tools: We Dream of Wings
I had the good fortune to layer some vocals for talented composer Adam Hochstatter on a piece for Orchestral Tools (Finest Orchestral Sampling Project) which showcases their "Nocturne Cello " sound. The piece is called "We Dream of Wings" and you can hear it here:

Pre-release preview: "Ripples" on Future Sound of Egypt:
I had the good fortune to sing for electornic musician Derek Ryan's "Ripples". The official release is in May but you can preview it here:

Soundtrack Release: Hot Bot
This month Netflix released the film"Hot Bot". The soundtrack is now available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes. I had the good fortune to co-write and sing a song with composer Jeff Toyne for this. The song is called "RPG (just you and me)". You can listen to a sample of the song here:

Soundtrack Release: Rogue - Season 2
I had the good fortune to be the score singer for Direct TV's Rogue Season's I and II. The original score for Rogue season 2 by composer Jeff Toyne is now available for purchase on iTunes. Here is the link:
Rogue: Season 2 Soundtrack

Hallmark Channel: Unleashing Mr. Darcy
I had the good fortune to co-write and sing a song with composer Jeff Toyne. The song will be featured in a scene of Hallmark's forthcoming original film "Unleashing Mr. Darcy" which airs on January 23rd, 9/8C. The song is called "The Lionized".

UHP: A Passing Thought (hymn from a flickering spirt): (Unreleased)
when i write -- i sometimes take breaks --- and write super cheesy Webern short scraps o' music --- and then go back to writing whatever i was working on… here's a break from the other day. Its not mixed or masterd. Its just a scrap.

Telenor Bredbånd reklame
a little while back i had the good fortune to sing for a Norwegian "Bredband"commercial with composer Magnus Beite. never actually saw the commercial till now… here it is:

Symbion Project: Napoleon
"Napoleon" ~ Brand new song from SymbionProject feat. Melissa R Kaplan now available via bandcamp: Napoleon Napoleon is featured in the #1 movie in China currently; the sci-fi epic "Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe". You can also listen here:

Bron Animations: Mighty Mighty Monsters
Happy Halloween! I had the good fortune to arrange and sing some "Elfman" like choral background vocals for the theme song to Bron Animations Halloween special "Pranks for the Memories". Here's the theme song and yes the werewolf howl is yours truly. ;)

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe: Napoleon
Excited to announce that the unreleased song "Napoleon" by SymbionProject (featuring Melissa R Kaplan) is in the #1 movie in China currently. "Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe" features our song in the credits and huge thanks to Jesper Kyd for making this happen!

Amplitude: Red Giant
Just announced: Kodomo's song "Red Giant" (scroll down to hear song) will be released in the upcoming PS4 Harmonix game Amplitude later this July. Those going to E3 can swing by the Sony booth for a preview!

Jeff Oster: Next Released
Jeff Oster's album "NEXT" is out! I did some vocals on two tracks from this "Night Train to Sophia" and "Ibiza Sunrise". Its a beautiful album he's made and he has a fantastic line up of musicians on his compositions. Have a listen here:

Symbion Project/UHP Rehearsal
Kasson and I had our first rehearsal for possible Symbion/UHP live shows. We'll keep you posted!

Symbion Project: Enjoy The Silence: Depeche Mode Cover
A chill, lush downtempo cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" by Symbion Project featuring vocal harmonies by Melissa R Kaplan of Universal Hall Pass

Hallmark Channel Original Film: The Christmas Shepherd
I had the good fortune to co - write another Christmas song with the amazing composer Jeff Toyne for a film called "The Christmas Shepherd". It airs this Sunday Nov. 23rd 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel. So feel free to tune in! The song is called "Lost Without You". Its available for purchase on iTunes and Cdbaby and you can listen to it here:

Jeff Oster: Next: Collaboration
I'm happy to say I worked with the amazing and talented Jeff Oster again. I arranged/performed vocal layers for two of the songs on his album, "Next" due for release April, 2015. Mr. Oster has a fantastic line up of musicians. If you like you can preview the tunes here:

Kodomo: Patterns of Light: Infinity Divided
I had the good fortune to layer vocals for Kodomo's "infinity divided" and a video was made for it. You can see and listen here:

Kodomo - Infinity Divided (Music Video) from Benjamin Parslow on Vimeo.

Kodomo: Patterns of Light
I had the good fortune to work with composer and electronic musician Chris Child as guest vocal arranger and vocalist on three tracks of his forthcoming album "Patterns of Light." The album is stunning and I hightly recommend it. The tracks I'm on are, "Chopin Chromatic", "Infinity Divided" and "Red Giant". You can sample the first single here:

Rogue Season 2
I had the good fortune to work with talented composer Jeff Toyne as ambient score vocalist for 8 of the 10 the episodes for season 2 of Direct TV's "Rogue". The series starts up again May 28th on DirectTV.

Criminal Minds: The Edge of Winter: Undermined
I had the good fortune to co-write a song with composer Jeff Toyne for a scene in ABC's Criminal Minds. The episode is (s9e19) "The Edge of Winter" . The song is titled "Undermined" and plays in the end scene during the monologue. It airs tomorrow night! You can also here the full scratch mix here:

Bølgen: The Wave
I had the good fortune to do some score singing for a Norwegian film called "Bølgen" (The Wave) scored by Magnus Beite.

Chung Cu Ma
I had the good fortune to work with a Splashdown listener who also happens to be a very talented film scorer named Seth Tsui. He scored the Vietnamese blockbuster horror film "Chung Cu Ma" . I did some singing on one of the cues for it. You can listen to it here: Seth Tsui

Gaaten Ragnarok
Norwegian production company Fantefilm will be releasing an action-adventure film in October of this year and I had the good fortune to sing for the trailer and filmscore. The film is available to watch on Netflix streaming. The music for the trailer and film is composed by Magnus Beite. You can see it here:

Magnus Beite: Maxbo
Happy Spring Everyone! Talented Norwegian composer Magnus Beite recruited me to sing for this cool Maxbo (similar to Home Depot) advert. You can see it here:

Fantafilm's Flukt:Escape
I had the good fortune to do some score singing for a Norwegian film called "Flukt" (Escape) scored by Magnus Beite. The film is available to watch on Netflix streaming

Lifetime Original Film: Hunt for the Laybrynth Killer
I had the good forutne to sing some score vocals for Lifetime's Original Film, "Hunt for the Laybrynth Killer" and co-write a song with composer Jeff Toyne and director Hanelle Culpepper as background to a scene.

Composer Jeff Toyne has just completed scoring the first season of a new one-hour drama series called, "Rogue." I had the good fortune to work as the score vocalist for the full 1st series so if you hear any vocals or choral layers in the score of episodes 1-10 ... ;) yey! (Thank you Jeff ♥) The show stars Thandie Newton and premiers tonight at 9 on the Audience network on DirecTV (ch.239). In Canada, on The Movie Network at 9 ET and Movie Central at 9 MT/8 PT. Here are some links to check it out below. If you don't get DirecTV, you can still preview episode one online.
"Rogue Trailer"
"Rogue Extended First Look"
"Rogue - Direct TV (US)"
"Rogue - Episode I"

State Of Decay
Undead Labs will be releasing its zombie game for Xbox 360/Xbox Live Arcade/PC this February. I had the good fortune to sing for a track in the game titled “Civilization Falls” composed by Jesper Kyd. Feel free to listen here: "state of decay - Civilization Falls"

Happy Holidays!
I guess I'm now a member of the xmas song writing club! Recently I had the good fortune to co-write two tunes for a Lifetime Christmas film with talented composer Jeff Toyne. The film is called "The Real St. Nick" and airs on December 15th at 8pm on the Lifetime Network. The end credits xmas song is called, "Jolly Old Soul". The song is available for purchase on iTunes and Cdbaby and you can listen to it here:

Guess Watches
I had the good fortune to vocal co-write a tune with talented composer Christopher Tin for Guess Watches! The advert is currently airing in Europe! You can watch it here:

Recently had the honor of working with electronic artist/composer Chris Child (aka Kodomo) on two tracks for his upcoming album! You can sample a track in progress here: kodomo debussy electro

Aphelion : Gllette
Jesper Kyd's "Aphelion" was chosen for a 2012 Gillette advert that aired in Europe during the Olympics! I had the good fortune to arrange and perform the vocals for this.
"To celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, Gillette introduced the ProGlide Golden Edition by placing a winner's podium in the middle of a store! Discover what happens when men step up to reach for Gold! (Soundtrack: Aphelion by Jesper Kyd from the album Ultimatum)."
You can watch it here:

Crickets Sing For AnaMaria: Video!
Talented UHP listener Nicholas Ursino made this super cool video for UHP's cover of Crickets for us! Thank you Nicholas! Check it out here!

UHP on Soundcloud
You can follow Universal Hall Pass on Soundcloud!

Thank You Kasson
I just wanted to take the time and thank Kasson for his support and friendship over the years! You brought us the beautiful music of "Subtle Things" , "Crickets" and so much more!

New UHP Summer Song
UHP has a new summer song! Kasson Crooker and I collaborated on a frenetic electro - pop cover of Astrud Gilberto's "The Crickets Sing For AnaMaria" and we are excited to be releasing it under the UHP moniker! Feel free to stream, download and share! You can listen here:

Welcome! New UHP Site!
UHP Finally has a new site that's easy for me to update and keep everyone in the loop! Thanks to everyone for visting!

Darksiders II:
Vigil Games/THQ - (PS3, Xbox 360, PC) Darksiders II is now available for pre-order. Its release is scheduled for August 2012. I had the good fortune to sing on the score by Jesper Kyd. You can listen to a sample called "Into Eternity" here: ""

Stereo Alchemy: God Of Love

GQ Magazine Online: Stereo Alchemy: God Of Love
GQ Magazine Online has used Stereo Alchemy's "God Of Love" for a behind-the-scenes look at Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel.

Stereo Alchemy: God Of Love Stereo Alchemy releases their debut album "God of Love" on Valentine's day! I sing the title track as well as two others songs for the album. 
You can preview and pre-order here: ""

Symbion Project: Enigma Of The Absolute
Symbion Project has posted "Enigma of the Absolute" on youtube. Feel free to listen here:

Symbion Project: Exposed
Misery in Soliloquy [Exposed] is a new version of the 2009 release that strips off the drums and vocals leaving the synths, strings, and ambience to shine unfettered. this album moves me in quite different ways from the original and you'll hear new elements that have now become exposed. look for it to be released on 1/1/2012.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations
Assassin's Creed: Revelations(Ubisoft/Playstation/X-box) game and soundtrack is now available. I sing some Persian/Operatic vocals for the score of this game. Here's some tracks to preview (Welcome To Kostantiniyye,The Crossroads of the World):

Jesper Kyd (Assassin's Creed composer) has released an album of "radical epics" titled "Ultimatum" and I had the good fortune to sing on the track "Aphelion".
Feel free to listen here:
To purchase:

Symbion Project's CONTRAPASSO is now officially released! I sing a cover of "Enigma of the Absolute" on this album. You can purchase it here : as well as preview 2 of the songs from the new release, visit the below soundcloud links. share them with your friends if you like them . &
I hope you all enjoy! The music is beautiful, dark and oh so analogue!

Speed of Dark
Among the few sites to purchase hard copies of Mercury and Subtle Things, (Cdbaby, Amazon), Kasson's Speed of Dark music catalogue has added these titles for purchase!

Sega/Kinnect: Rise of Nightmares
A new Sega game "Rise of Nightmares" will be released September 2011 for Kinnect. I had the good fortune to sing on the score. Great music from lullabies to Balkan singing to crazy rave music. Singing in the trailer too. Its a bit gory so beware!

Katrinah Josephina
A UHP inspired painting by talented artist and listener JJ Poff!
View all of her work here:

Within Soundtrack
Composer Jeff Toyne's score/soundtrack for Lifetime's recently released film "Within" (July 31st, 2010) is now available for purchase on iTunes. My voice is on some of the cues:

TEDtalks: UHP Mention
got a mention in a TED talk … around 2:11. Thank you Curt!

Curt Smith of Tears For Fears and UHP

As part of a social networking project he asked his Twitter fans who he should collaborate with. A huge thanks and e-hug to the lovely Anitra Novi uhp listener who offered up my name! I layered vocals and added some uhp sounds to Curt's song "Perfectly Still"! It will be released as his second single. TFF are an inspiration as songwriters. It was an honor and a joy to work on this. You can listen to "Perfectly Still..." here:

Symbion Project Update
Here's an update from Symbion Project: new site:
exploited & exposed" now available for play in RockBand2! video for "exploited & exposed":

Symbion Project Releases "Misery In Soliloquy"
Symbion Project recently released "Misery In Soliloquy" both digitally and hard copy! I sing and have arranged vocals for this with Kasson. Hope you'll give it a listen. Its a stunning album!

The Huffington Post, Lindsay Lohan, and UHP?
An unexpected combination. ;)

I recently sang with Stereo Alchemy (composer Christopher Tin and Shoji Kameda) for a steamy video Lindsay Lohan did for Muse Magazine. The video has been posted and reviewed on the Huffington Post:

(Viewer discretion advised for those of tender age).

UHP On The Wall of Rockband
Kasson recently attended the E3 conference here in LA and sent this photo of UHP on the Wall Of Rockband!

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Soundtrack

Ubistoft's Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has been released. I had the good fortune to sing for the soundtrack and game score by Jesper Kyd. You can hear me on the following tracks: Master Assassin
City of Rome
Infiltrating the Borgia Castle
Echoes of the Roman Ruins
Roman Underworld
Borgia-The Rulers of Rome
Countdown (just the whisper track)
The soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes:

Assassin's Creed II Game and Soundtrack

For those of you who are gamers, Assassin's Creed II the game and soundtrack were released this week. I sing the female vocals for the soundtrack. It was only released digitally but has been nominated for best original score (2009) at Spike TV awards.

I did some operatic singing for Assassin's Creed II.There's some of it in the trailer. I sing in some of the cues for this game. Below is the trailer, and you can hear the singing loudest at about 1:40 -ish:

Assassin's Creed
Ubistoft's Assassin's Creed has been released. I had the good fortune to sing for the game soundtrack and score by Jesper Kyd. I sing the female Middle Eastern vocals, whisper tracks, and created eerie choral textures you can hear throughout the game! The soundtrack is available for purchase on iTunes:

88 Minutes
Millenium FIlms has released 88 Miuntes starring Al Pacino. I had the good fortune to be the featured vocalist in this score throughout the film. There is no proper soundtrack release but I managed to find this snippet on Youtube!

Masters Of Horror
Showtime's Masters Of Horror theme won an 2005-2006 Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music. I had the good fortune to sing improv Middle Eastern vocals in this theme and was given a little certificate for contributing! (Viewer discretion for those of tender age)